A Few Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Given the recent cold temperatures and snow Port City Nissan wanted to share a few winter vehicle maintenance tips and tricks with you.

Your Windshield Wipers

Wipers typically only last a year so before the snow arrives, don’t forget to check yours. We recommend beam style blades. They don’t have an external spring that could freeze. Keep a pair handy so if you need to switch them midway through the season, you’re prepared. Another trick is to turn your wipers off before parking your vehicle. If they’re on and freeze overnight, the motor could burn out while battling a build up. Another tip is to leave your windshield wipers up if you’re area is expecting snow and/or ice. It makes it much easier to scrape your windshield if the wipers aren’t stuck.

Good ‘Ole Winter Tires

If you opt for “all season” tires, be aware of these two trends. Port City Nissan sometimes sees wider fitting, low-profile tires. This might be appealing but the balance isn’t best for snowy months. Winter tires are more stylish these days without looking knobby or sounding loud. The newer tread patterns and rubber compounds make them effective in the snow and quieter on dry roadways. We recommend changing the entire wheel and tire combination if you choose winter tires. It’s more cost-effective that way. Make sure the tread is deep if you decide on all-seasons and if you have worn treads, you’ll be sorry when the white stuff comes to town.

How About That Battery Power

Do you park your vehicle outside all winter? If so, make sure to have a fully charged battery. The cold weather takes a lot out of your battery and we all know the feeling you get when you hear the clicking noise turning the ignition. If you think your battery is near death, bring it over to our service department. Our factory trained technicians will complete a load-test and replace the battery if necessary.

Port City Nissan Has Your Back

If you’re weary of your tires, battery or windshield wipers, schedule an appointment to see us at Port City Nissan. We’ll make sure you drive safely this winter so you don’t get stuck in a cold, wet mess.

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Source: http://www.kiplinger.com/slideshow/cars/T009-S001-winter-car-maintenance-tips/index.html

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