Protect Your Vehicle From Theft

No one is 100% safe from vehicle theft. Whether you drive a baseline Sentra or an over the top 2018 GT-R, Port City Nissan doesn’t want you to become a victim. Did you know that most stolen cars are never recovered? That’s why Port City Nissan wanted to share a few prevention tips.

Thieves Know What They’re Doing

Vehicle thieves aren’t just everyday people. They are professionals who choose anything from the most popular models to high-performance sports cars. The stolen vehicles are typically requested then shipped out of country. Popular models go to “chop shops” where they are dismantled and sold for their parts. The high-performance or luxury vehicles are usually taken by joyriders. These are most likely going to be recovered but with more damage than expected. Have you heard of the “bump-and-rob”? It’s when a thieves bump into you at a stop light and once you get out to check damage, you are carjacked.

Prevention Steps From Port City Nissan

  1. When parking somewhere at night, remember to be in a well-it area and be extra careful.

  2. Have 15-second awareness. Someone on their phone or not paying attention is an easy target. Walk with attention if you’re alone, especially if in a garage, parking lot or gas station.

  3. Always leave extra room in front when you’re at a stop light. If bumped into, it makes it easier to maneuver around so you can drive to a well lit and populated area. Before you get out of your vehicle, call the police.

  4. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight, even with the doors are locked.

  5. Never leave your vehicle running, unlocked and unattended.

  6. Having motion sensor alarms is a good idea because the are a loud and effective deterrent if you have no choice but to park in a undesirable neighborhood.

  7. Install a gps tracking device if you’re concerned about theft.

  8. Always know your important info like the make, model, year, license plate and VIN. Keep a list in your phone with pictures in case you have to file a police report.

  9. Leaving a hidden set of keys inside the vehicle is never a good idea. Thieves are most likely not new to the game and know where to look.

  10. Always lock your doors, whether driving or parked.

Port City Nissan Can Help, Too

Port City cares about safety. If you’re looking for a way to keep your vehicle safe, head in to see us. The Service Technicians can install an alarm system or GPS-tracking device. While you wait, feel free to check out our new and certified pre-owned inventory!

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