Port City Nissan Dealer Auctions

One of the little known facts about Port City Nissan is that each and every month we hold an auction for registered car dealers. While it is true that these auctions are only available to dealers - they represent a tremendous benefit to all of our customers.

How Does Port City Nissan’s Dealer Auction Benefit Me?

Most car drivers often need to sell or trade your old car when looking to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. Since Port City Nissan has a dealer auction on-site every month the value of your trade in is higher when you trade it in with Port City Nissan. How is this possible? In most cases, when you trade in your car at a dealership that dealership then has to send your old car away to an auction. As a result, the dealership occurs additional fees which include but are not limited to: a shipping fee, a cleaning fee, a condition report, a sell fee as well as a buy fee. In some cases, they also need to register the car. As a result, dealerships often pass those costs down to you the customer. At Port City, we do not have to incur these fees because of our on-site dealer auctions.  

We Will Put More Money Towards Your Trade

If you are looking to sell or trade-in your vehicle look no further than the team at Port City Nissan. Schedule an appointment with our Port City Nissan Sales Team. We are here to make your car buying (and selling!) experience one you won’t soon forget!

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