The Port City Nissan Team Nissan in Portsmouth, NH

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  • Rick Fecteau
    Dealer Principal

    Dealer Principal Since: December 1989

    I started in the automobile business in 1967 as a service writer at a dealership in Washington D.C.. It has been a dream come true, to one day own my own successful family of dealerships, built upon the foundation which I value most, honesty, integrity and respect. It is a pure delight that I am able to live this dream with my family by my side. 

    When I am not at work: I always look forward to being on the water, whether for an hour or for the entire day. I love boating and fishing, both fresh and saltwater. Nothing else feels like being out on the open water. It is one of the few things that is as enjoyable by myself as it is with a group of friends or family aboard. On land, I enjoy golfing and playing tennis as well as spending time with my family and all of our dogs.

  • Justin Fecteau
    Executive and General Manager

    Team Member Since: May 2015

  • Jennifer Fecteau
    Executive Manager

    Team Member Since: June 1991

    After graduating college, I was employed by Nissan USA. It was nice to come home to a place where I knew all of the employees by name and knew a bit about everyone too. Even though names and faces change over the years, there is no better feeling than knowing that you exist as a person and not just a number. 

    When I am not at work: Once the snow melts I just want to get outside! Whether it's playing tennis, taking my pup Winni for a relaxing walk or lounging in the sun at the beach or the lake, I want to soak up every minute of it. I am an avid Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics fan and try to take advantage of every opportunity to see a live game or watch them on TV.

  • Rob Curry
    Inventory Manager

    Team Member Since: November 2000

    Specialties: Inventory Acquisition, Wholesale Buying/Selling

    First Car: '88 Oldsmobile Delta 88

  • Eric Haley
    Business Director

    Team Member Since: March 2011 

    What I like about working at PCN: I really enjoy meeting new people, that's why I love the work I do! I specialize in financing to help when a person has had a bump in the road and I can help get them a second chance to buy the car of their dreams. 

    When I am not at work: I am the youngest of 11 Children (why she stopped after me is still a mystery) and the very proud father of a BEAUTIFUL 12 year old daughter and a 21 year old step daughter (she sometimes calls me staddy when she needs something). I enjoy the single life so I can go fishing, socializing and enjoy different restaurants.

  • Chris Nash
    Sales Manager

    Team Member Since: May 2012

    Specialties: Sales, Finance

    First Car: 1977 "Vette"

  • Brian Lehman
    Sales Manager

    Team Member Since: September 2017

    Brian recently returned to Port City Nissan after spending many years at our sister store, Amesbury Chevrolet. We are pleased to have him back on our team!

  • Ben Torrance
    Business Development Manager

    Team Member Since: January 2018

    Specialties:  Digital Marketing, Internet Sales, Advertising

    First Car:  1986 VW Scirocco

  • Justin Dostie
    Nissan Certified Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Team Member Since: June 2010 

    Specialties:Truck Specialist, GT-R Certified, LEAF Certified

    First Car: '98 Maxima

  • Kip Leonard
    Nissan Certified Sales & Leasing Consultant & Owner Loyalty Manager

    Team Member Since: August 2010

    What I like about working at PCN: I've always liked working with cars and meeting new people. To find a career that I can do both in is a dream come true. I like to have fun during the car buying process, Port City sets the platform for me to do that and at the same time deliver top notch customer service. 

    When I am not at work: You can find me enjoying the outdoors and everything that New England has to offer!!

  • Noah Bly
    Nissan Certified Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Team Member Since: May 2014

    Specialties: Senior Lease Specialist

    First Car: '96 Integra

  • Charlie Browne
    Nissan Certified Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Team Member Since: September 2016

    Specialties: Fully Certified- Top Gun

    First Car:1974 Plymouth Grandfury II Wagon

  • Mike Kaval
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Team Member Since: March 2018

  • Javier Mendizabal
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Team Member Since: May 2018

  • Alexandra Fyffe
    Business Development Representative

    Team Member Since: April 2018

  • Jon Royal
    Business Development Representative

  • Jamie Cicchetto

    Team Member Since: July 2012

    What I like about working at PCN: I really enjoy the professional atmosphere and the way everyone works together as a team.

    When I am not at work: I love spending time with my two boys, Alex and Ryan, and our dog Riley.  When I am not enjoying the kids football, basketball, lacrosse, or soccer games, I love spending time at the beach or lake with the family, or taking the 4 wheelers out to find new trails to explore.

  • Cristin Roderick
    Accounts Payable

    Team Member Since: September 2014

    What I like about working at PCAG: I enjoy coming to work everyday to see my Nissan family and all their smiling faces! I really enjoy working with numbers and I'm always up for a good challenge.

    When I am not at work: I enjoy spending time with my husband and three children. We enjoy being out outside whether it's family walks, hiking, riding bikes, playing sports or spending the day at the lake. Family is the most important thing to me and I spend every free moment with them.

  • Katie Synan
    Accounts Receivable

    Team Member Since: October 2015

    What I like about working at PCN: I like the fun, friendly work environment, it makes coming to work easier and some days it doesn't even feel like work! We are all part of a team here and seeing Winni in the office always makes my day a 'lil more fun.

    When I am not at work: I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy watching football and baseball and going to games.

  • Ray Elliott

    Team Member Since: July 2011

    What I like about working at PCN: I really enjoy the great group of people I work with here.

    When I am not at work: I always seem to be working on something, I'm always busy!

  • Ellexus Nash

    Team Member Since: July 2015

  • Winni
    Full-Time muffin stealer & part-time paper shredder

    Team Member Since: October 2015

    What I like about working at PCN: I love the variety here at Port City Nissan. Everything from the blueberry muffins in the lounge to the reams of paper in the office, they are all so delicious!

    When I am not at work: The dog park is where I spend most of my time, it's great to catch up with my friends after work. My favorite part of every day is snuggling on the couch with my Mommy... and I think it's her favorite time of day too!

  • Willey

    Team Member Since: January 2000

    We lost Willey in 2017 and we will forever miss his energy and spryness, he was truly a one-of-a-kind dog.