Leasing a New Nissan in Portsmouth, NH

Are you driving an older car that is becoming more and more expensive with each service visit? Or are you driving a car that you have a high interest rate loan on?  Are you driving a car, although you really need an SUV?  If any of these are the case, please speak with our Lease Loyalty Manager about leasing. 

Leasing is perfect for our customers who:

  • Drive less than 15,000 miles per year
  • Enjoy lower monthly payments and repair costs
  • Want a new car every two or three years
  • Drive more than 15,000 miles per year and don't want to be in a negative equity position due to depreciation
  • Want the newest in technology and safety features
  • Like paying less at the pump

Benefits of Leasing at Port City Nissan

  • Through Nissan's Lease Loyalty Program*, when you lease another Nissan, we are able to give you a $500 damage waiver for any excess damage incurred throughout your lease, like a curbed wheel or a small scratch on your bumper.
  • We have a dedicated Lease Loyalty Manager whose job is to keep in touch with you throughout your lease!  We understand that life happens and sometimes you drive a few more miles than are allowed in your lease, and it is our Lease Loyalty Manager's job to keep in touch with you so we can get you out of your current lease before you are penalized for over mileage.
  • If by chance you do end up going over your miles, Nissan's charge per mile is only $0.15, compared to as much as $0.30 from other manufacturers. 
  • Also through Nissan's Lease Loyalty Program, we are currently able to waive anywhere between 2 and 12 payments on your current lease if you choose to lease another Nissan!  Please contact us to see if you qualify.

Important Leasing Terminology, Explained

When you lease a car, no matter who it is from, it's common to hear words that aren't thrown around in an everyday conversation.  Below, we have given you the run down on a few of these terms that we've all been confused by, at one time or another!

Gap Insurance - Gap insurance is an amazing thing to have!  When the unexpected happens, and you total your car, if a balance is still owed on it and it's worth less than what your payoff is, you're stuck paying the difference.  Gap insurance will cover this difference - and it is included in every Nissan lease.

Depreciation - We all know that new cars depreciate the second you drive them off the lot.  One of the best parts about leasing is that there is a fixed amount of depreciation.  In a lease, you don't have to worry about being "tipped" or in a negative equity situation at the end of your lease because the depreciation is already accounted for.

Residual - The residual is the amount your car is worth at the end of the lease.  This value is pre-set by the leasing company at the beginning of the lease, which accounts for depreciation.  You only pay for the value of the car that you will be using during your lease.

Lessee - The person leasing the car - you!

Lessor - The leasing company, they legally own the car during the lease.

Disposition Fee - At the end of your lease, you will be charged disposition fee for turning in the vehicle.  This cover's the lessor's costs for cleaning and transporting the car after you turn it in.  When leasing another Nissan through Nissan's Lease Loyalty Program, we are sometimes able to waive this $395 fee!


*Must qualify through NILT for the Lease Loyalty Program.

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