Complete Vehicle Detailing Service

2023 Nissan Z

Complete Vehicle Detailing Services At Port City Nissan

Wondering if there is a way to take your vehicle maintenance to the next level? Be sure to visit us at Port City Nissan whenever you are in the Dover, Exeter, or York area for complete vehicle detailing. What is the difference between detailing and cleaning your vehicle? A cleaning is a little more rudimentary, whereas complete detailing is a deeper clean complete with additional protection and reconditioning of your vehicle. Learn more about the different tiers of vehicle detailing at Port City Nissan, and then check out our service specials for discounts!

Bronze Wash & Vacuum: $59.95 – Approximately 2 Hours

The bronze tier of our vehicle detailing services includes an exterior wash, cleaning of the wheels and tires, vacuuming, and an interior and exterior window wash.

Silver Interior Detail: $229.95 – Approximately 5 Hours

Silver interior detailing includes cleaning door jams, the trunk area, pull mats, cup holders/console, detail plastics and leathers, shampooing the rug and mats, cleaning the windows, and inspecting the interior and exterior.

Gold Exterior Detail: $229.95 – Approximately 5 Hours

Gold Exterior detailing includes an exterior wash, removing tar and bugs, cleaning door jams, cleaning windows, prepping the exterior, machine polishing, and vacuuming/inspecting the interior.

Platinum Complete Detail: $299.95 – Approximately 7 Hours

The complete package includes an exterior wash, removing tar and bugs, cleaning door jams, cleaning the trunk area, and rugs, as well as all of the detailed interior plastics. We also will treat the leather, shampoo the mats, prep the exterior, provide machine polish, apply paste wax, vacuum the interior, and inspect the vehicle overall.

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