What Is A Doc Fee And Why Is It Charged?

July 8th, 2020 by

Document fee, or “doc fee” for short, is one of the expenses that a car buyer should expect when purchasing a vehicle. Aside from the usual maintenance, taxes, and license fees, the dealership also charges a doc fee. These fees also come in different names, you might have heard of – admin fee, processing fee, handling fee – all of these are document fees.

Why do customers need to pay a doc fee?

When buying a vehicle, the dealership needs to process paperwork to have a vehicle delivered. State and federal regulations and guidelines require dealerships to maintain and secure a long-term record of vehicle transaction details. Compliance with these regulations is mandated in order to maintain a dealership license. The registration, taxes, and everything that was paid before you purchase the vehicle makes up an additional portion of the doc fee. Additionally, the document fees secure the privacy of your information and cover these expenses so that you the customer don’t have to.

Is it possible to ask for a lower doc fee?

Port City Nissan charges a standard $599 doc fee on all vehicle purchases. Beyond the reasons outlined above – if we charge one customer we must charge all customers this standard one-time industry fee so as to not give special treatment to one customer over another. In addition, we have made this standard doc fee transparent to you within our deal designer tool which allows you to accurately estimate your complete vehicle purchase price.

Port City Nissan is one of the best-reviewed dealerships in New England. Our commitment to you is honesty and transparency to get you into the right vehicle that will meet your needs for the years to come. These are just some of the many reasons that set Port City Nissan apart. Come on in and see us and see what else sets us apart!

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