Nissan Earns 2018 EnergyStar Partner Of The Year

April 13th, 2018 by

When you think of buying or leasing a car, a few questions usually come to mind, such as: “What brand of car do I want? What can I afford? How many seats will I need?” But more and more consumers are asking the question: “How will my vehicle affect the world around me?”

Today, more people than ever are starting to become more conscious about their consumption of fuel will affect the environment. And Nissan has shown that they are just as concerned about the environment as our customers! With the introduction of products like smart watches, smartphones, and smart houses, Nissan has innovated their vehicles to be just as intelligent as the other technology devices that we use everyday. With their eco-friendly manufacturing processes, as well as their technological developments, Nissan hopes to drastically reduce air emissions. Nissan is a clear leader in eco-friendly technologies within the automotive industry. Nissan is more focused on energy efficiency, and creating zero-emission vehicles, than any other vehicle brand.

Nissan has also used other methods to make their cars better for the environment. In their painting process, they have managed to cut the energy being used by 30 percent! These are a few of the many reasons why the EPA’s highest honor belongs to Nissan.

Advanced Technology In A Nissan

As of 2018, Nissan has had seven consecutive wins of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year — Sustained Excellence Award. And the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has taken notice of Nissan once again. Nissan is also accelerating with the technology that is available to their drivers by designing on screen monitors and radars, which will provide the driver with a more wholesome view of the surrounding area. Nissan has also improved the way in which people can interact with the car’s functions, by implementing voice activation to make music and navigation controls more simplistic.

Advanced Safety Features

In order to reduce the number of car-related accidents, Nissan has also improved the warning system to warn the driver of potential forward collisions, as well as added improvements to the automatic braking system. This is evidence that Nissan aims to help keep the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safer, while at the same time, they are placing the future of driving and car safety into the driver’s hands. Nissan wants customers to get a demonstration of the game-changing technology that they have available in their 2018 lineup. That is why they have created an interactive representation of the 2018 Nissan Altima, their latest model, so that users may inspect different areas of the vehicle to see what it offers. You can find the interactive project here.

Port City Nissan Has You Covered

If you would like to check out their 2018 lineup of the safest, most innovative, and most environmentally-friendly vehicles, come down and take a test drive today!

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