5 Reasons To Drive The Nissan Leaf

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Buying a new car is a huge decision for most adults. It can take several years of commitment. Buying a new car is about more than just having a means of transportation. Electric cars and hybrids have increased in sales, leading the auto industry to produce more like it. Since its inception, most companies have jumped on the bandwagon so there are now many models and makes to choose from.

One of the most popular types is the Nissan Leaf. According to sales data taken from Dec. 2010 to Dec. 2017, the Leaf is one of the world’s best-selling electric vehicles. It makes everyday driving feel less than humdrum. It has smart technology that helps you keep an eye out on your surroundings.

The Nissan Leaf has led to the release of the Nissan Leaf Plus model. No matter which one you choose, you’ll drive an electric vehicle that meets all of your needs. The Leaf includes features such as automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, and rear cross traffic alerts. You’ll enjoy driving this vehicle on the open road thanks to its quiet and powerful motor.

Here are five simple reasons to purchase the 2019 Nissan Leaf hybrid vehicle.

1. Reduces Your Dependency on Gas

The Nissan Leaf is a hybrid vehicle. Since hybrids are a combination of gas and electric vehicles, they require both forms of energy to run. This leads to less dependency on gas consumption. The less gas you use, the more money you’ll save.

That’s how hybrid vehicle work. Each time you break, the power goes back to the battery and is stored for it to be used the next time around. The Nissan Leaf only uses gas when your battery is low. Unlike other electric vehicles, there’s no need to plug the Leaf.

This vehicle acts as a generator during braking and deceleration since it continually recharges the batteries as you operate it. When your vehicle is driving at low speeds, only the electric power will be in use. The Leaf’s unique features provide you with mileage that’s 20 to 30% higher than traditional gas-operated vehicles.

2. Limited Noise Pollution

Noise may not be a concern for you if you grew up in the city. But for most people, it can become a huge distraction and can even impact your mental health. Have you ever enjoyed a long drive to New England only to be bothered by the noise of a vehicle next to you? Maybe you’ve wakened up from a deep sleep from a loud exhaust roaring outside.

When the Leaf isn’t operating on its gas engine, the motor is quiet. Every time you’re at a red light or a stop sign, you may notice how quiet it is. The Nissan Leaf not only provides you with a quiet ride but also reduces noise pollution. This allows you and other drivers to enjoy the open road.

3. Saves You Time

Driving the Nissan Leaf will save you plenty of time. Since it’s already charged, you can go wherever you want. The moment you get home, you can recharge it for the following day. When you leave for the next day, just make sure that it’s charged.

However, you may have to charge it every two to three days, depending on your situation. If you have charging stations at work or home, it’ll probably take care of 97% of your charging needs. If you don’t have the option to charge your vehicle at home or work, there are plenty of ways to charge in public. You just have to get creative when looking for charging stations.

4. It’s Just Fun to Drive

Sometimes technology isn’t that exciting, especially if it’s a necessary must. Electric cars and hybrids are definitely built for fun. The Nissan Leaf is an affordable option that’s fun to drive around in New England thanks to its impressive torque and silent motor. You have to drive it to understand it.

Most auto companies aren’t going to tell you about the benefits of the Nissan Leaf. In fact, most of them don’t want to sell you an electric vehicle or hybrid because of how affordable they are. But once take a Nissan Leaf for a test drive, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing all this time.

5. Fewer Emissions

One of the biggest causes of global warming is carbon-based emissions. Driving the Nissan Leaf can lower the carbon-emission by upwards of 25% to 90% over a traditional gas vehicle. Since hybrid vehicles lower carbon-emissions, they produce fewer levels of gas fumes from the exhausts. This leads to less internal combustion gas that contributes to smog.

That means the air around you will have cleaner and breathable oxygen levels due to your Nissan Leaf. Think about how cleaner the air in your neighborhood will be if at least half of the vehicles were hybrid vehicles.

Now has never been a better time to get a Nissan Leaf. This vehicle can help improve climate change and the environment while allowing you to save money. The Nissan Leaf uses 124 gallons in the city and 99 gallons on the highway. No matter which hybrid you decide to purchase, conduct your research before choosing the right one.

Make sure that you’re in love with your vehicle. From electric cars to hybrids and everything else in between, make sure to find a clean and eco-friendly vehicle for your particular situation.

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