Nissan Leaf Owners in New Hampshire Eligible for Energy Rebate

May 16th, 2018 by

There’s never been a better time to be in the market for an electric car. Quoting from an online article on, “In 2018, electric cars will finally turn the corner from curious niche product to viable option for America’s families.” And your best bet just might be the all newly designed Nissan Leaf.

Benefits of Electric Cars

Let’s not overlook the obvious – if you have a fully electric vehicle you can save up to $4000 a year in gasoline costs. That’s pretty significant all by itself, but many potential EV owners don’t realize maintenance is also a whole lot cheaper than with a traditional internal combustion engine. There’s no oil necessary to lubricate the engine, so no oil changes. Other engine parts do not wear down as quickly, there are less moving parts in general and even brakes and brake pads last longer on an EV.

As much as we all enjoy doing things that keep as much money in our pockets as possible, there is something perhaps even more rewarding in doing the right thing. EVs are the right thing for the environment, and the Leaf is the car for New Hampshire drivers.

Federal Tax Credit

Still in existence, the Federal tax credit kicks in at a whopping $7500. With a mid-range Leaf coming in around $32,000, you’re looking at about 25 percent off the cost, but it gets better than that.

Eversource Offers $3000 Rebate

That’s right, you’re reading correctly. If you are a customer of state energy provider Eversource, and you purchase a new Leaf, you get a $3000 rebate, the largest such rebate ever offered through a state power company.

Nissan Leaf

The Leaf is the best-selling electric car in the world, and it is steadily gaining converts in the U.S. With a new vehicle limited warranty covering 36 month/36,000 miles, 60 month/60,000 mile powertrain and electric vehicle system coverage and 96 month/100,000 mile lithium-ion battery coverage, you can rest assured your new Leaf will be there for you and your family.

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For nearly 30 years our family owned Port City Nissan dealership has served the local community. We understand the automobile business has changed over the years and realize customers are looking for transparency. We know you have many choices, and we strive to make your visit with us the best car buying experience you’ve ever had.

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